The 2016 Conference of Chinese Society of Veterinary Science

A study of mechanism of antibiotics resistance in field isolated Mycoplasma synoviae

GW Lee, SX Huang, CF Wu, HC Lin, JP Wang, ZW Chen, JH Lin, HY Chou

Avian mycoplasmosis characterized with chronic respiratory disease and infectious synovitis were caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum and M. synoviae infection, respectively. These diseases make huge economic losses in poultry industry. Antibiotic treatments of mycoplasma-infected flock are often used by farmers to inhibit the development of avian mycoplasmosis. However, the misuse or abuse of antibiotics contributes to the development of drug resistance problems. In this study, we isolated M. synoviae from a poultry farm, determined the susceptibility to several antibiotics, and investigated the possible mechanisms of observed macrolides and lincosamides resistance.